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Siddhant Mahapatra : Star of a Decade

The 90s period in Odia film industry (Ollywood) was a good time for the movie makers as well as the movie watchers. This was the time when Ollywood was sincerely craving for a hero or the lead male actor, many faces rose and sank, but one name created history, giving back to back block buster movies. The name is Siddhant Mahapatra, who ruled the Ollywood industry for almost a decade.

Ever since his debut in 1993, the audience saved in their memories this good looking and highly efficient actor. Beating all the existing lead actors of Ollywood, Siddhant gained huge fame as an Odia film hero and became the first choice of every movie maker.

Siddhant Mohapatra speaking at State Film Awards,2014
Siddhant Mohapatra speaking at State Film Awards,2014 (courtesy Wikipedia)

 It was a time, when Siddhant one handedly performed all the lead roles in the movies. His acting skills, dialogue delivery with a dashing face-cutting and heroic look, brought him such popularity. 

The King of Ollywood, Siddhant Mahapatra, nick named as ‘Muna Bhai’ is currently less associated with the Film Industry, also served as a Member of Parliament in Rajyasabha under the BJD Government. 

Noting Sidhhant Mahapatra’s hearty contributions to the Ollywood, this article is all about his reel and real life. His real life is as interesting as is his reel life.  

Early Life of Sidhhant Mahapatra

Siddhanta Mahapatra was born on 4 May 1966. His birth place is Brahmapur and he was the former MP for the same constituency. 

Siddhant’ father Manmohan Mahapatra is a doctor. His mother is also a doctor. 

Siddhant completed his schooling from St. Vincent’s Convent School, Berhampur. Later he pursued  his under graduation intermediate (+2) and graduation in Commerce  from D.D. College, Keonjhar. 

He completed his master’s degree from the Institute of Marketing and Management, Delhi.  

Married Life and Family

 Siddhant first fell in love with Odia and Bengali  film Actress Rachana Banerjee while working with her in movies. They also married each other. But the relationship didn’t last longer and due to some misunderstandings, they got divorced in the year 2004 at a family court in Cuttack.

Siddhant Mohapatra and Rachana Banerjee in happier times
Siddhant Mahapatra and Rachana Banerjee in happier times (courtesy SimplyOdisha)

Then he got married to popular former Odia film actress Mama Mishra. They have a daughter named Saisidhi Mishra. 

Siddhant’s Debut into Ollywood 

Shraddhanjali 1994 Odia Film

Before coming into movies, Sidhhant never thought of a career in Ollywood. He once said in a reality show that he never knew that he could achieve such name and fame as an eminent Odia Superstar. 

It was 1993, when Siddhant debuted into Ollywood with the movie ‘Shradhanjali’. Siddhant was 27 then, he had one of his cousin brothers who gave him a chance to enter into Film World and the rest is history. 

In the movie Shraddhanjali, Siddhant acted opposite Lekha Nanda who was the female lead. 

And after that, Siddhant Mahapatra gave hit by hit and  healed the Odia movie industry. 


Starting from his debut movie Shraddhanjali, Siddhant Mahapatra nailed it in each and every movie with his creative and energetic acting skills. He has acted in several Odia movies, as a lead actor in most of them.

 It was a time of golden period for the Odia movies when all the films were based on Odia culture and family based. The movies were positively responded and Siddhant became the favourite Odia star of every Odia fan. 

Kula Nandana, Tu Mo Akhira Tara, Bidhata, Dharma Nikiti, Kandhei Akhire Luha, Ganga Jamuna, Mo Kola To Jhulana are some of Siddhant’s hit movies. Sidhhant acted magnificently in all these movies and claimed himself as the most successful actor of the decade. 

Siddhant has also performed in negative roles in some movies like Dhauli Express and has also nailed it. 

Other filmography of Siddhant include the following list :

Baazi, Mo kola to jhualana,  Maa Pari Kie Heba,Nari Akhire Nian, Rangila Toka, Rakhile Siba Mariba Kie, Rana Bhumi, Rakata Kahiba Kie Kahara, Rahichhi Rahibi Tori Paen, Rakhle Jadi Se Mariba Kie, Rakhi Bandhili mo rakhiba mana, Rashika Nagara, Rakata chinhichhi Nijara Kie , Sindura, Sindura Nuhe Khela Ghara, Tate Mo Rana, To Pai nebi mu sahe janama, To Aakhi Mo Aaina, Tulasi, Tu Mo Akhira Tara, Tu Eka Aama Saha Bharasha, Vagya Chakra, God Father-True Story of a Man

Siddhant Mahapatra in Politics

Siddhant was elected to the 15th and 16th Lok Sabha in 2009 and 2014 respectively as a member of the Parliament of India.

He joined Biju Janata Dal in 2009 and contested as MP from Berhampur constituency in the 2009 “15th Lok Sabha” Election. 

Siddhant Mohapatra 2
courtesy Sambad

He won the election and served as the Member of Parliament for Berhampur constituency. He has won the 2014 General election for the second time by a thumping margin of nearly 1 lakh votes amidst stiff competition from UPA and NDA and retained his seat.

Social Activities

Siddhant joined as a Member of Committee on Rural Development on 23 Sep. 2009.

He also became a Member of Committee on Empowerment of Women Social and Cultural Activities

He initiated some socio-economic progress in the State; which included making people more literate; tendering medical facility to the people; providing abundant water supply for domestic and use in irrigation; and creating resource of income for many.

To cope up with his Sport enthusiasm, he played at Sports and Clubs Cricket in Ranji Trophy Squad consecutively for 4 years.

He also represented Odisha in National Handball Championship a number of times,.


Siddhant has been awarded with many notable awards for his movies. He has till now worked in 150 regional movies and in more than 5 different regional movies. He bagged several state film awards for best actor including 6 consecutive Best Actor Awards in the Odisha State Film Awards (2000-2005) and another in 2011. 

Every Odia film watcher’s favourite, the star who built his own names in his own terms, Siddhant Mahapatra is a big name in Ollywood. Popularly known as Muna Bhai, Sidhhant has always given his best to the Odia cine industry and will be remembered for his works of satisfaction and dedication.

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