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Pati Sonapur Beach: To Shorelink and Back

The 480 km long coastline of Odisha is the place for the nature and landscape lovers and will delight one beyond imagination.

Taking a break from hectic schedule and exploring the most pristine beaches, dotted with casuarina and mangrove forests with crystal blue waters of the sea splashing against its shore will surely calm your soul. Finding solace amidst the serenity and solitude amidst the golden sun kissed beaches of Odisha has to be on one’s bucket list.

Odisha’s pristine beaches captivates visitors not just with their beauty but by the calmness and feeling of detachment that the surrounding exudes.

Pati Sonapur
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Pati Sonapur boats
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The Pati-Sonarpur Beach is arranged on the assembly of the Bay of Bengal and River Bahuda. This sea shore was at one time the head transporting focus of the region of Ichhapur during the finish of the eighteenth century.

Flawless brilliant sand, impeccable stretch with an escort of lavish foliage, growth spread in the backdrop there is a motivation behind why it is known as the virgin and perfect sea shore of Odisha.

Pati-Sonapur Beach falls under the classification of sea shores that are for the most part immaculate by the vacationers and where the brilliant sand is as yet extraordinary.

The sea shore is segregated so it gives an ideal setting to the individuals who like to avoid the group and appreciate their own conversation while grasping the nature in its most flawless structure. One can go for a walk, speedboat ride, eat a sandwich, and have an extraordinary discussion with the companions and the family, all in the lap of the compelling force of nature.

Things to do at the Beach

1. Speedboat

One can appreciate this picturesque excellence in a speedboat connecting all the faculties. You can cover the separation up to the intersection of stream and Bay of Bengal, while getting a charge out of a superb view.

2. Family Outings

Make some extraordinary memories with your family or companions on this captivating sea shore with hands brimming with snacks and masala chai. The pleasant charm of the spot is essentially charming.

Mainstream Attractions around the Beach

Despite the fact that you can’t locate any famous attractions around the sea shore, it is as yet like a blessing from heaven for the strict ones as the sea shore is encompassed by the sanctuaries. From goddess Bhagvati to Shiva sanctuary to Devi Khambeswari to Baidyanath, it will take a day or two to cover every sanctuary.


The sanctuary is situated a ways off of 7 km away from the sea shore. Jatesingha, a holy place in Bhimarajpur is the origination of BhimBhoi, a nineteenth-century essayist and a distributer of Mahima Cult.


The Shiva sanctuary is only 2 km away from the sea shore and is arranged in the close by town Champmal. It is suggested that one must visit Champshevara Shiva Temple there. In any case destroyed customhouses and segments are a portion of the attractions that remind the past.

How to Reach

Pati-Sonapur Beach can be reached by National Highway 5 that passes through Berhampur. One can likewise reach Pati-Sonapur Beach from Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and Rourkela.

The nearest railway station from this spot to Berhampur is around 16 kms away. This course associates Bhubaneswar toward the northern parts and Vizag in Andhra Pradesh toward the southern pieces of India. At Bhubaneswar is the nearest air terminal from Berhampur at around 186 km, from where a railroad or street venture must be made towards Pati-Sonapur Beach.

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