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Odisha’s Very Own Mini Tibet: Chandragiri

Chandragiri or Phunksokling District or Jeerang is certainly unexplored. Jeerang is a humble community and among the main Tibetan settlement in Odisha, situated in Chandragiri, prominently called the “maize-bowl of the nation”. Located about 90 km away by road from Brahmapur, this small Tibetan enclave lies in the shadow of the Eastern Ghats in the Gajapati district.

Little green hill slopes lay dispersed unevenly on enormous maize fields and once you take a look at it you will undoubtedly be hypnotized by the view and the wonderful hints.

History Says

After China attacked Tibet, Tibetans fled to all across the globe. India had consistently invited them thus in numerous parts of this nation, we can discover Tibetan settlements. After Dharamsala was given to the Tibetans to have their administration in a state of banishment there, a number of families moved to Dharamsala to feel like home, to live among their own kin and to make their voices for Tibet sound stronger.

However, some were worn out on losing their nation, moving and having transitory homes and didn’t have any desire to leave. Chandragiri is one of those spots where they remained.

The monastery at Jaerang
The monastery at Jeerang (courtesy Odikala)
Buddha statue at monastery
courtesy Odikala
Buddhist monks in prayer
courtesy Times of India

In the wake of escaping from Tibet, they took a few years to change to business so as to restore the distant memory. Summers were spent in cultivating maize, and winters in weaving woollen sweaters and scarves that are sold in Tibetan business sectors the nation over.

Places to Explore

Padmasambhava Mahavira Monastery

This is the premier monastery of Chandragiri. It is a home to 200 priests. The insides of the place are very wonderful with a wide range of tibetan buddhist enhancements. They have got a library with heavenly sacred texts.

The monastery is situated in the midst of the mountains and the most ideal approach to appreciate this religious community is to persuade one regarding the priests to take you to the porch of the monastery. It has a little temple and from that point, you could see the entire green scene, an awesome view that will be the best one you arrive.

Jeerang Stupa

The Stupa is arranged nearly 100 meters from the monastery. The most excellent reality about this spot is that you will never discover any sort of crowd here. In some cases, you may very well discover no vacationers. So every sight you go to will be practically unfilled and enough serene for you to appreciate and feel the air.

The Jeerang Stupa is an excellent stupa encircled by prayer wheels. To watch nightfall from this spot is one of the most astounding things to find.

Padmasambhava’s Statue

This is arranged in another camp and you will require an auto-cart (tuk-tuk) to the following camp. This is another structure developed and is found not at an effectively noticeable area. It is in a path. On the off chance that you ask anybody at this camp, they will show you the path. In any case, when you get the chance to see this structure, you will unquestionably be shocked by its shading, excellence and force.

Tibetan Handicraft Center

Make it a highlight visit the handiwork place, where you will see ladies weaving the popular Tibetan woolen covers and making different crafted works, for example, sacks and incense sticks. You can get a sack for ₹100-200, incense sticks for ₹30 per bundle and a 6×3 ft cover for about ₹8,000.

The Stupa at daybreak
The Stupa at daybreak (courtesy Satya Mohanty, Twitter)

The spot was once notable for Tibetan Apso dogs, yet the number of families reproducing canines is on the decrease. The people group is commonly occupied with development, exchanging and selling woolen articles of clothing.

The Food

Chandragiri is a little settlement and there are no enormous cafés in this area, since it never observes a decent measure of sightseers coming here. In any case, there are neighborhood diners where you can discover momos, thukpas, and tingmos.

Outside the principle monastery there is an eatery and they serve astonishing lunch and supper. They don’t have a menu card. They’re simply called “lunch” and “supper”. Yet, in the event that you need to eat from that point, you have to tell them atleast a few hours before lunch or supper time

How to Reach

Via Air: A trip to Bhubaneshwar and afterward a train to Brahmapur Station and from that point, a private vehicle to Chandragiri. If not a private vehicle, a bus from the Brahmapur Bus Station.

Via Train: A train to Brahmapur Station and from that point, a private vehicle to Chandragiri.

Via Car: A private vehicle from Bhubaneshwar or Brahmapur.

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