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Ladukesvara Temple

Ladoo Baba Temple: Where Art Meets Devotion

Odisha, the  state of religious beliefs and sacred places is full of shrines and temples. Every temple has its own beauty, architecture style, a legend behind it and the religious aspects. Such a unique temple is the Ladukeshawr temple or popularly known as Ladoo Baba temple which enshrines the God Ladukeshwar as its deity. 

Ladoo Baba temple is one of its kind, enshrining the combined shrines of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva). The temple located in the hilly region of a small district named Saranakula in the Nayagarh district is a replica of the Lingaraj Temple of Bhubaneswar. Sarankula is a small town area situated at about 100 km from the capital city of Bhubaneswar. The rituals and festivals observed in Ladoo Baba temple has resemblance with those of Lingaraj Temple. 

Ladoo Baba Temple 2
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Ladoo Baba Temple is documented to be built during 15th century AD but some people claim it to be built during the 9th or the 12th century. But there is an assurance of the temple being built during the medieval age. 


 The temple building depicts the merging of Kalinga Architecture along with Odissi art and traditions. With the main shrine as Ladoo Baba Temple also surrounds the images of a number of small and medium sized temples. The walls, decorated with riots of colours, amazes the viewer. 

The prominent image in the temple is that of the Mother Goddess. An artificial pond is there inside the temple complex for the tourists. The Ladoo Baba Temple was earlier known by Kainchhi Temple. The temple showcases both the glimpses of Kalinga as well as Dravidian Architecture. So, anyone interested in various aspects of architecture and design must visit the temple once. 


 The beautiful temple in Nayagarh district of Odisha often attracts a number of tourists. The peaceful environment, the architecture of the temple and the blessing of Lord Ladoo Baba captivates the visitors. Here are the attractions of the temple. 

  • The surroundings of the temple, the premises is clean and pleasant. 
  • Shrines of both Shiva and Vishnu form a major attraction. 
  • Devotees come here for taking daily morning and evening Arati, which enhances the spirituality of the atmosphere. 
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courtesy Odisha Tourism Places
  • Occasional Puja (worship) and fairs offer a flavour of gaiety. 
  • A perfect place for a family hangout with devotional attainment. 
  • It’s good to notice the architecture of the temple, so beautifully designed. 
  • A pond located near the temple is a mere attraction. 
  • The pond also has a stone floating in it which amazes the visitors. 
  • Most of all, the temple dates back to history and is a combination of art and devotion. 

Why Visit?

Ladoo Baba Temple is one of the famous Shaiva Temples of Odisha. Devotees throng here because of their attainment of their desires. 

There is a very big pond adjacent to the temple. A big statue of Nandi is there in front of the temple’s entrance. 

The Temple’s pujaris are very friendly and well behaving. Outside eatables are not allowed into the temple premises. Prasada (Abadha) is available there at a very affordable price. People enjoy the taste of Abadha which is delicious.

Best Time to Travel 

The temple can be visited all round the year. The best time is Shivaratri when a lot of people gather to worship Lord Shiva.

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courtesy Odisha Tourism Places

The temple timing is a little odd. The temple opens up at 5.30 in the morning and closes at 12.30 pm. The reopening time is at 6 pm and again it closes at 8 pm.

The temple is not open throughout the day. So, plan a journey accordingly. 

How to Reach 

On the state highway connecting from Bhubaneswar to Odagaon road, the Ladoo Baba temple is reachable by road.

From the Nayagarh district head quarter, Ladoo Baba Temple is at 14 km. There are always bus services for Nayagarh from Bhubaneswar. 

From Bhubaneswar, it is around 120 kms and bus service is always on. Frankly speaking, this place is easily accesible by bus rather any other mode. 

The nearest railway station being Nayagarh town railway station. 

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