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Kanjipani ghati at dusk

Kanjipani Ghati: A Highway to Heaven

Hidden in the Keonjhar district is a road that can be called the driver’s paradise. This 20 km stretch of highway passes through the picturesque Kanjipani valley at a height of 610m above sea level. A part of AH-46, this section of road is only about 30 km away from Keonjhar city.

Kanjipani Ghat
courtesy kendujhar.nic.in
from OdishaPost
courtesy OdishaPost

The best time to visit here is during winter and rainy seasons. During this time, clouds touch down on the valley itself, giving it the look as can be seen above. Don’t forget to bring warm clothing as temperatures can plummet below 0C in winter.

For the best photographs, bring a camera armed with telephoto lenses. Drones are also a good idea if you want to take aerial photos.

Sadly, AH46 itself is under repair and sections of the road are dangerous enough to have caused multiple accidents. There is also not much space by the road to park your vehicle, so prior panning is needed if you wish to stop somewhere in the way.

LocationKanjipani Ghat Road
Nearest Railway StationKeonjhar
Nearest AirportBhubaneshwar
Distance from Railway Station35km
Time to reach location1hr 35min
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