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Duduma Waterfalls: Odisha’s Hidden Crown

Despite the fact that Odisha is the eastern arm of India, the state knows how to draw in sightseers bridging the globe to its dynamic quality. One of the highest waterfalls of India, situated in the Badigada town of Koraput is the Duduma Waterfall. This waterfall discovers its origin from the River Machkund and its water flow is the foundation of the Machkund Hydro Electric Power Project. The waterfall is viewed as a standout amongst other places of interest in Odisha where individuals can happily come for vacations.

Duduma Falls
courtesy Bhubaneshwr Buzz

Situated around 70 km from Jeypore, Duduma waterfall draws in those tourists who love nature and need to investigate places past the cliché limit of the travelling.

Treat For Nature Lovers

The dark green forests help to alleviate the spirit of voyagers while the tall mountains add more focus to the general intrigue. Duduma has two sub waterfalls, one drops down in Andhra Pradesh and the other in Odisha. Explorers who frequently come to Odisha realize that the state is known for its ancestral culture and would be astounded to realize that “the bondas” which is a significant tribe live near this beautiful fall.

The 175-meter high course of Duduma waterfall passes through the tough rocks of the Eastern Ghats. It makes an elating scene in the midst of the greenery along the boundaries of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

Duduma 2
courtesy Wikipedia

The greatness pf the place is at its full showcase particularly during and after the rainy season. Alongside the pleasant waterfall, there is additionally a hydro power electricity plant and a dam. With earlier consent from the authorities, you can visit the area.

By and large, with the magnificence make Duduma Waterfall an unquestionable requirement to explore.

Other Spots of Intrigue

1. Machkund

This spot is considered as a must one from journey point of view. The name for the spot descended from the origin spot known as Matsya Kunda. This spot is found near the Paderu Township in Andhra Pradesh. Around this spot, another municipality has likewise evolved which is known as Onukudelli. Near the Machhkund waterfall, the Bonda clan lives.

2. Hydroelectricity Project

It is a joint venture of Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of Odisha. The Maharaja of Jeypore concieved the possibility of a dam in 1928. In spite of the fact that the anticipating the undertaking began in 1930’s, the genuine dislodging started in the last part of the 1940s. As the task begun before freedom no legitimate records for the relocation and restoration are accessible. Additionally, the idea of restoration was not advanced around then.

Till 2008 Odisha used to get 30 percent share from Machkund project; in that equivalent year, the state began to get 20 percent all the more after the assent given by Andhra Pradesh. The issue, which has been proceeding throughout the previous 50 years, was settled at a gathering between Odisha’s Energy Minister S N Patro and his Andhra Pradesh partner Sabir Ali Ahmed in Hyderabad.

How to Reach

By road: Duduma waterfalls is at a distance of 69.2 kms from Koraput through the Machkund road.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Bheja Railway Station. Cabs and taxis are available for transportation.

By Air: Bhubaneswar International Airport is the nearest airport but is the time taken to cover the distance is near about 10 hours. Hence, air travel is a time consuming affair.

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