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Bindu Sagar: Blessed Past, Ruined Present

In a land where each water body—from the town lake to the large ocean—is viewed as sacred, fit for washing ceaselessly your sins, Bindu Sagar (or Bindu Sarovara) with its blessed past will undoubtedly bring out abundant measure of devotion among the dedicated.

Current uncovering shows the number of temples around the lake to be in thousands, of which around 500 despite everything exist. The most legitimate of these temples is obviously Lingaraj temple, approaching over the lake on the south side. On the east side is the path from Kedar Gouri chowk to the Lingaraj temple. Another celebrated place of worship Anant Vasudeva temple is situated on this side.

Folklore Regarding Bindu Sagar

Shiva and Parvati after their marriage came to Varanasi. With the progression of time, Varanasi turned into a populated region. Lord Siva picked Ekamrakshetra for reflection in camouflage. This spot was having a solitary immense mango tree. which was obscure to Parvati. This spot is called gupta kashi covered up Varanasi.

With reference from Bramha, Devi Parvati came to think about this spot and came to Ekamra-Kshetra to look through Lord Shiva. Additionally, she saw that a huge number of cows are going under the immense mango tree and consequently milking a spot. She comprehended that her Lord Shiva is there. So, she dealt with the cows as a milkmaid. The spot from which the cows were coming is known as Gosahasreswara or Gosagaresvar. Devi Parvati in the milkmaid outfit looked excessively appealing.

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It was seen by the two evil spirits of this region, known as Kirti and Vasa. They proposed Parvati to wed. In any case, Parvati murdered the two evil spirits by squeezing them into the ground with her feet. That specific spot got well known as Devi Padahara.

Subsequent to slaughtering the evil presences Parvati got drained and assumed rest at a position called Bhabani Shankar Temple. Parvati felt parched and to extinguish her thirst Lord Siva struck his trident at this spot, out of which a spring came out. The water was then purified by the waters all rivers, streams and at last took the state of an enormous water body which is today known as Bindusagar.

Religious Ceremonies Taking Place in Bindu Sagar

Bindu Sagar witnesses numerous ceremonies with each passing day, the significant one being the yearly death ritual for the ancestors. The banks abound with priests offering their specific services planned for fulfilling the dead spirits in the interest of their living descendants.

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The most significant religious function, obviously, happens to be the yearly Chandan Jatra in the period of May when Lord Lingaraj is hauled around the lake in a vessel to beat the late spring heat. During this time the place of worship, Jagati, situated at the focal point of the 7.4-hectare lake, comes to the focus point.

For sightseers the lake isn’t outwardly striking. They need to grasp whatever touristic joy they can from the legends, ceremonies and holy associations of the lake. On the off chance that they need more, they should set out toward the Ekamra Vatika, the excellent herbal nursery, placed in the western side of Bindu Sagar.

Beliefs Associated With Bindu Sagar:

All the antiquated water assemblages of the Old Town area have therapeutic characteristics. Individuals from different parts of the nation even utilize the water to treat certain sicknesses. Tourists from Bengal take the water from tanks on the premises of the temple of Kedar-Gouri to fix acidity.

Truth be told, the water in the two tanks of Kedar-Gouri interacts with the roots of Kochila trees (Strychnos nux-vomica). So, they soak up restorative properties from the plants. Individuals accept that the water from certain tanks in the city can even assist couples with begetting child.

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Another stream fills the tank of Mukteswar Temple close to the Kedar-Gouri temple. the restorative properties of the water in the Marichi Kunda on the temple premises is significant. Individuals accept that on a favourable day on the Hindu calendar, ladies who have no child can utilize the waters of the tank in strict ceremonies and bear a kid.

Pollution: Rotting Away Bindu Sagar’s Beauty

In spite of these hallowed associations the water of the lake is exceptionally contaminated and the lake silted. The water of the lake isn’t good for washing. Sacred minded people not just take their dips in the holy water, they additionally toss the remainders of ceremonies like flowers and leaves in the blessed water, polluting it even more.

The neighbourhood sewerage water of the area also happens to be dumped into the holy lake.

How to Reach

By air: The closest airport is the Biju Pattnaik International Airport at a distance of 4 km. Cabs and buses can easily help one reach the destination.

By road: Bindu Sagar is well connected with road to all major cities in and around the state.

By train: Bhubaneswar Railway station is the closest railway station from Bindu Sagar. The station is well connected with all major cities in and around the state.

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