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Astaranga Beach: Subliming the Soul

Astaranga signifying “bright nightfall” is a wonderful sea shore situated in Odisha. As the name recommends, this sea shore is popular for the pleasant perspectives that it gives during the dusk. The sky takes on clear tints and the blue water in juxtaposition of it makes the entire spot look breath-taking.

The Astaranga sea shore is an acclaimed fishing town and each morning a market is set up on the sea shore from where you can buy the various new fishes. This sea shore is an ideal spot to escape from the hectic schedule of the city and invest some calm and serene energy restoring yourself.

Astaranga and Civil Disobedience Movement

Other than fishing, salt production is one of the primary occupations of the residents in Astaranga. During the Civil Disobedience Movement began by Gandhiji, the Salt Satyagraha arrived at the shores of Astaranga.

On 22nd May 1930, under the administration of Nilakantha Das, Jagannath Rath and Govind Das of Utkal Pradesh Congress Committee, the locals wholeheartedly participated in the Salt Satyagraha, challenging the British Orders of restricting creation of salt in India.

Activities at Astaranga Beach

1. Family outings: The get-away from water and the pleasant excellence of this spot makes it an ideal setting to have an excursion. Various little shops are situated in and around the sea shore that serves luscious food. One can appreciate a generous supper sitting on sand with the brilliant perspective on water slamming on the shore.

2. Go Swimming: The gleaming blue water of the sea shore will quiet your body and calm your spirit. A dip here will be a satisfying encounter that will cause you to feel loose and upbeat.

Astaranga Beach
courtesy Debashish Tripathy, Twitter, 2018

3. Witness the nightfall: It is an unquestionable requirement to observe the mystical magnificence of the dusk. Being well known for the pleasant excellence during the dusk, this sea shore looks breath-taking. The sky takes on heap tones of hues and the blue water of the ocean supplements the entire view.

4. Watch the settling of Olive Ridley Turtles: During the winter season, Astaranga Beach turns into abode for Olive Ridley Turtles. These captivating animals home here in enormous numbers and can be seen creeping on the sand.

Best Time to Visit

The best and ideal opportunity to visit Astaranga Beach is throughout the winter season during the long stretches of October and March. During this timeframe not just, the climate is excellent and the sea shore at its best yet you can likewise observe the enchanted display of Olive Ridley Turtles settling in immense numbers.

Jahania Pir Shrine

JA peaceful Sufi place of worship is situated at the edge of Astaranga sea shore which is devoted to Saint Makhdum Jahanganst. This heavenly place of worship is visited by Hindus and Muslims. The umbrella and wooden shoes of the holy person are kept as relics. There are numerous legends related with the mazaar of Saint Makhdum Jahanganst. Some state that the Saint came to India through Baghdad and after a visit in Bengal at long last settled in Astaranga with his supporter’s in the fifteenth Century AD.

The most mainstream legend in the zone is that a helpless man with his child used to visit the Saint to offer his prayer’s. The Saint asked the little youngster not to think back on his way back. However, one day to straighten something up the young man turned back and the Saint evaporated the exact second.

The kheer (milk blended in with sugar and bubbled rice and bubbled till it turns out to be thick and afterward permitted to cool) is not to be missed.

How to Reach

  • Via Air: The closest air terminal to reach Astaranga Beach is the Bhubaneswar Airport which is situated at a distance of 77 kms. Rental vehicles are effectively accessible.
  • By Rail: The closest railroad station to reach Astaranga Beach is the Puri Railway station. The distance between Puri Railway Station and Astaranga Beach is 68 km that can be easily covered.
  • By Road: Astaranga Beach is all around associated by roads from various spots including Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Cuttack, Puri and Patna. You can rent a vehicle or take your own vehicle to arrive at the sea shore. The roads are smooth and liberated from potholes that make for an incredible excursion. Transport administration is accessible from Puri that will take you to Konark which is the closest bus station. From Konark, Astaranga Beach is situated a distance of 28 kms.
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