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Vedvyas temple

Vedvyas Temple: The Temple Where Mahabharata Was Written

Vedvyas Temple is located in the Indian state of Odisha, near the city of Rourkela. Vedvyas was the author of one of the Hindus’ most sacred writings, the Mahabharata, according to Hindu mythology. T he Temple was named after him.

Vedvyas originally called Parasara Munda is not only a place of natural beauty but also is considered a Tritha, a place of religious sanctity. Tradition has it that Vyasadeva, the reputed sage, lived here and composed the great epic Mahabharat. 

The holy temple of Vedvyas is situated at the intersection of three rivers, Shankh, Koel and Sarasvati, and all three join to form one river called Brahmani. It is assumed that a plunge in the confluence washes off all sins. There are three distinct shades in the waters of the three rivers at the confluence. Shankh ‘s water is white, Koel ‘s water is black, and Saraswati ‘s water is sweet and clear. The triangular plot of land is recognized as the Yamuna Plateau (Dhipa) between Shankha and Koel. After the great sage and Brahman, Vyasha Dev, the term Brahmani was coined. Vyasha cave is called a cave that existed in the river bank hill that still exists and is located on an island in the middle of the Shankha River, which can only be reached by boat.

Vyasa Cave
Vyasa Cave (courtesy Tripadvisor)
Cave entrance
Cave entrance

The sage Vyasha Deva is believed to have lived in the said cave. The cave in question is now inaccessible due to soil erosion.There is a tunnel with a river called Vyasa Kund linked to the cave, which lies behind the Sankirtana Mandap. The Vyas Kund has a depth of more than 40 feet and less than 50 feet.

The ancient Shiva Lingam, which is practically adored by the Hindus, is one of the most interesting features of the Vedvyas Temple. The Shiva Lingam is crafted of Blackstone, which is very precious and valuable, and is considered very costly today.

Three temples can be found here, two dedicated to Lord Shiva and one dedicated to Rama. The added attractions of the place are a Vedic Ashram and a school on Gurukula Ashram lines. Under the guidance of learned Vedic scholars and Sanskrit pandits, hundreds of students from primary to high school level are trained on Vedic courses here.

A Sanskrit College has also been set up near this Ashram to teach various Sanskrit courses that are recognised by the Orissa Government.

Vedvyas Ashram shelter
courtesy holidify.com

Goshala is another significant place to visit near this Ashram on the way to Vedavyas. Around thousands of cattle with beautiful surroundings, including cows rescued by cow lovers and volunteers, remain here. Both cattle are worshipped as gods and goddesses here. The number of regular programmes organised by this Goshala to raise awareness and benefit from Go-sampad among humans. A flute player is designated to create a peaceful atmosphere for cattle by the Goshala management.

A visit to the divine temple is not merely a delightful picnic but rather an insight into the rich cultural heritage that the country of India has got. 


Shivratri Mela is the largest festival that is celebrated with all the great preparations in the temple. Each year, not only from Odisha, but also from other neighbouring states such as Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, the temple gathers a multitude of people. The locals near the temple of the Vedvyas cherish the mela with their entire heart and soul. The local administration takes care of law & order and sanitation arrangements during the festival season. Numbers of small and medium businessmen open their stalls in mela, which get substantial company. The fair runs on the River Bank of Brahmani for 10 to 14 days.

The temperature here varies in summers from 25 ° C and 41 ° C and in winters from 12 ° C and 28 ° C. So the temperature here is not that big a concern, because for those who are not locals here, it is very ideal. Therefore, the Vedvyas Temple is literally an instrument of profound enlightenment for all those who enjoy exploring and learning.


At Vedvyas Temples, the following rituals can be carried out by paying the necessary fees at the Vedavyas Trust Board office, which is located near the entrance to the Vedavyas Temple complex.

  • .Marriage and Marriage Engagement
  • Threading Ceremony
  • Rituals related to after death.

How to Reach Vedvyas Temple

By Air: Nearest Airport is Ranchi Airport. You can take a train from Ranchi to Rourkela from there.

By Train: Nearest Railway Station is Rourkela Station.

By Road: The temple is 15 km away from Rourkela Railway Station by bus, cab or auto. 

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