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Sri Gokulananda Temple

Sri Gokulananda Temple, Nayagarh: The Shrine Amidst Nature

Crowded and rush, the city is full of noise. Exploring a calm and peaceful place amidst green forests serves mental peace. In the eyes of a spectator, it is a pleasant treat to both the eyes and the mind. Nature has bestowed Nayagarh district with most of its elite picturesque. It is an awesome experience to have a picnic on the bank of a river. If the river bank is full of greenery and rich in prolific environmental view, like that of the river Mahanadi. Yes, one such place is here at Sidhamula Village in the Nayagarh district where you will find an extremely wonderful atmosphere to have all the fun and enjoyments.

Way to Gokulnanda temple
Way to Gokulnanda temple (courtesy nayagarh.nic.in)

Besides, a religious temple on the top of a hill will leave you stunned and refreshed. Just about 10 km away from the famous Kantilo Nilamadhaba Temple of Nayagarh lies the Gokulananda Temple, which not only awaits the visitor for the blessings of its shrine but also has to delish the viewer with a glimpse of natural beauty. Filled with greenery along side the river Mahanadi, Gokulananda Temple becomes a top choice for the tourists during the winter. 

The Temple And The Shrine

Alongside the amazingly magnificent  banks of the river Mahanadi, on the top of a hill in the Sidhamula Village in Nayagarh (Khandapara block), stands the shrine of Gokulanada.  The temple was founded by Sri Baba Swami Ram Laxman Dash Maharja who is a saint.

Gokulananda, the shrine of the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is one of a form of the versatile deity. In Odisha, Lord Vishnu is worshipped in many forms. 

A Glance At Nature 

The panoramic view of the hill and the flowing water of river Mahanadi can be enjoyed both from the temple premises and from a bridge named as Sidhamula bridge. One can glance at the greeneries, the tall tress, the medicinal plants surrounding the temple. 

Gokulananda Temple
Gokulananda Temple (courtesy Odisha Tourism Places)
Temple entrance gate
Temple entrance gate (courtesy Odisha Tourism Places)

Also, on the bank of the river, an area of about 1 km is covered with lush green carpets of grass and bushes. The tourists come here for enjoying a feast as the river bank provides a suitable adjustment for cooking and playing games while enjoying the marvelous beauty of the nature. 

The place gives a refreshing memory to the mind. All what the eyes see reflects in the minds and this spot is a perfect example for it. The fresh and cool breeze offers comfort as well relaxation to the state of mind. 

When To Visit 

The winter is most suitable to visit for Gokulananda temple with a purpose duo of having a picnic and seeing the beautiful temple on the top of the hill. Mostly, picnickers gather here between October and March. Getting together with friends and family to enjoy a picnic would be better option and that too in winter optimises the fun. 

An Eco tourism center on the top of the hill offers rooms for night stays if you want to explore the nature extensively. 

How To Reach

Road Travel

If you travel by road, Gokulananda Temple is at approximately 100 km from Bhubaneswar. There are a number of buses travelling to Nayagarh district. The state highway connecting Bhubaneswar to Kantilo takes the visitor to Gokulananda Temlple easily. Private vehicles and taxies can also be availed to explore the place. 

Train Travel 

If you want to opt for train,  facilities are available from Bhubaneswar to Nayagarh town railway station. But there would be no railway station near to Sidhamula. 

Air Travel

The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar Airport. From Bhubaneswar, one has to opt for bus or other vehicles. 

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