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Reigning Deity Of Banki: Maa Charchika

Odisha is among those states in the nation that triumphantly boost numerous temples. While plenty of these abodes have reclaimed international pride, there are others that silently speak of our state’s culture and heritage. The Maa Charchika is one of such shrines. In the waterway bank of Renuka, in a hillock called Ruchika Giri, is discovered the seat of Maa Charchika, the delightful goddess of Banki.

It is one of the most seasoned Shakti spots of the State, situated in the core of Banki town of Cuttack locale. The home deity of Banki, Goddess Charchika and her place of worship had been set up long quite a while in the past. Folklore has it that ‘Ruchikagiri’ has been named after the granddad of Parsuram.


The goddess is an eight-furnished Devi who shows Khadga, Shula, Katari and Varadamudra in her four right hands. In the four remaining hands are seen a cut off head, blood cup and a damaru. She is the divinity of harmony and joy whose incredible ceremonies incorporate Pana Sankranti, Basanti Durga Puja, Sodasha Puja during Dussehra, Kumari Vesha on Kumarpurnima, and Biswashanti(Peace of the universe) Maha Yajna during Panchaka in the heavenly Odia month of Kartik.

Maa Charchika
Maa Charchika (courtesy Wikimedia))

The primary temple of the god was constructed in the tenth century during Bhoumakara rule in Odisha. According to the legend, Saint Jamadagni when asked his child Mahavir Parshuram to guillotine his mom Renuka, he did it without an ounce of thought. However, later, when he atoned over the issue, he sat in repentance on the Ruchika slope here in the wake of depicting the symbol of Chamunda (Charchika) on whose lap Mahakala (Shiva) rested to dispose of the transgression of matricide. When he succeeded, he drew the water way from close by Mahanadi of the Ruchika slope and named it Renuka River in memory of his mom.

At the point when this news spread over the close by territories, the then ruler of Banki Gada constructed a temple for the goddess and within no time, people from the nearby areas flocked to get the blessings of Maa.


It is a general conviction that the symbol of Maa Charchika was planned by the Lord Parshuram itself. On a night when he was cleaning up in waterway of Mahanadi, he saw a stone was lifting and falling consistently. He moved toward the stone and found a feminine face on it. He promptly lifted the stone and kept it with him. Appropriately he settled it at a spot and revered.

He dreamt of Maa Charchika and upon her request the temple was constructed. The striking point of the revered divinity Maa Charchika, on iconographical perspective can be dated to the ninth – tenth century A.D. It is accepted that the Charchika symbol was made by Parashurama. The temple has a pidha vimana, jagamohana and a wooden mandapa known as “sunyavahini mandapa” of devastated Kalingan dynasty.

Maa Charchika Temple, Banki
Maa Charchika Temple, Banki (courtesy OdishaTourismPlaces.com)

The roof of the mandapa is made of wood while the columns are in stone. The roof of the mandapa is bountifully cut and painted. The wooden roof of the mandap is assuaged with scenes from Bhagavata Purana with interceding beautification of creatures and winged creatures like – elephant, duck, parrot, peacock, and so forth.; botanical themes, lotus emblems, scroll and jali works, creature chasing, horse rider, gaja-vidalas, makaramukha,mithuna and maithuna pictures.

In addition, the parsvadevata specialties cherish four-furnished Chamunda, four-outfitted Mahisasuramardini Durga and an eight-equipped Chamunda on the north, west and southern side individually.


There were four limits on four sides. The southern passageway has been shut because of expansion of the premises. On different sides there are engravings of the Ganga, Jamuna and on their top the divinities of Ganesh, Laxmi, Saraswati have been set up. Close to them, Kali, Tara, Sodashi, Bhubaneswari, Bhairabi, Chhinamasta, Dhumabati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala have been set up. On the divider right to the front of the shrine ‘Astabhuja Durga’ as a tiger and on the left ‘Astabhuja Durga’ sitting on a lion are located.

On the facade of the sanctuary two altars of Lord Kusumeswar and Sapaneswar have been set up. One needs to descend nine stages close Kusumeswar sanctuary from the top to show up at two Lord Shiva sanctuaries. To one side of the means, Lord Ganesha is being revered. On the opposite side of the temple Goddess Savitri is worshipped. On the right side of the divider ‘Goddess Chandi’ is paid offerings. This privilege sided – ‘Dakshina Chandi’ is the speaking to Maa Charchika.

courtesy Wikimedia

During the end hours, devotees visit ‘Dakshina Chandi’ and offer ‘Bhogas’. On the western side ‘Paschima Chandi’ is adored. In the rooms near the kitchen there have been the lodging of Priests storage facility office of the sanctuary and ‘Prasad Sevan’ for the aficionados. In the north-west corner there has been a jointed round ‘Guharia’ house.


1.Via Air: Closest Airport is Bhubaneswar Airport-55Km by means of Khordha.

2.Via Train: Closest Railway Stations are Cuttack-50Km and Bhubaneswar-60Km

3. By Road: Bus services are accessible to Banki from Cuttack.

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