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Pipili: Odisha’s Manual Of Applique Work

There’s nothing more needed than one glance at the entrancing workmanship works of Odisha, to come in wording regarding why Odisha has been India’s best kept secret. From days of yore, the state has been profoundly respected for its carefully assembled works of art, furniture, apparatuses, and design.

One such spot of intrigue is the provincial town of Pipili, which has been recognized for its delightful Applique handicrafts work and will give you some real keepsakes for your friends and family while exploring a typical village in the heart of Odisha. In case you’re keen on splendidly shaded chandua applique and patchwork, Pipili is the spot to go.

The town is situated at a distance of of around 31 kms from the state capital, Bhubaneswar.

What History Says About Pipili

The town has a long history going back to the twelfth century, (during the Somavamsi administration rule in Odisha). The rulers of Puri were so into the applique crafted works. As all artworks of Odisha, the applique work also began as a piece of the conventions related with Puri Jagannath Temple.

Consequently, the rulers made the Pipili town to oblige skilled workers who made applique umbrellas and shelters for the yearly Rath Yatra (referred to the world as the ‘Car festival’) of Lord Jagannath. It was likewise utilized in different ceremonies related with the Lord. Back then, applique craftsmen transcendently took into account the necessities of temples and lords.

Applique Work

To give a texture particular yet strong look, appliqué work is utilized for improvement. This texture is ornamented with globules and sequins to give it a fashioner look. Appliqué has got its underlying foundations from French culture which implies something applied or a thing that has been applied. Appliqué work really began where the garments were torn and required fixing to show up average and great.

Applique Works
Applique Works (courtesy Wikipedia)

Experts used to sew an alternate texture or a similar texture underneath the tore territory of the piece of clothing to make the garments wearable. This convenient method later came to be known as patchwork. Prior, it was utilized by the poor who needed more cash to purchase new garments and needed to repair their torn bits of articles of clothing. Afterward, patchwork became stylish and was handily acknowledged by standard design.

Appliqué work textures are anything but difficult to keep up and don’t rip off once they are sewed onto the base texture. Melded appliqué doesn’t droop or wrinkle and can be made into wonderful creator designs.

The Current Scenario

Presently, you’ll locate a different scope of applique things being made in Pipili including totes, comforters, pad covers, cushion covers, lampshades, lights (prominently utilized as embellishments), and decorative spreads. Enormous umbrellas are accessible also. The eye-catching central avenue is weighed down with stores selling painstaking work.

Loaded With Products
Loaded With Products (courtesy Destination Odisha)

Also, Pipili is the wellspring of standard association and regular friendliness. Hindus and Muslims take part in making and trade of applique create. You simply need to utter what you need, and these specialists will pen it down what they envisioned. The specialists alluded to as tailors or ‘Darjis’ here are known for their applique work.

The greater part of the economy of this spot depends on this specialty work. Pipili is the principle place, from here all the applique things get traded from Orissa to different urban areas and nations.

Where to Stay?

There’s an assortment of alternatives for you to remain at. From Star Rated Hotels, Eco Tour Nature Camps furnished with best in class swiss tents and offices to OTDC Government Hotels, Bed Breakfasts and Homestays to look over.

How to Get There?

Pipili is best visited when going between the capital Bhubaneshwar and Puri. It’s found simply off National Highway 203, around halfway between the two urban communities – 30 kilometers (16 miles) from Bhubaneshwar and 36 kilometers (22 miles) from Puri.

Via Air: Nearest Airport is Biju Pattnaik International Air Port at Bhubaneswar 30 Km.

Via Train: Nearest Railway Station is Bhubaneswar 30 Km. From Puri Railway Station 40 KM.

By Road: Regular Bus, Taxi and Auto Services are accessible from Bhubaneswar 30 km away and from Puri is it 40 km.

Did You Know?

The applique work of the town was as of late exhibited in the movie Sui Dhaaga featuring Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma.

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