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Odia Veg Foods: Authentic and Finger Licking

When every state has its own traditions, culture and food practices, Odisha as a north  eastern state also continues to remain atop in terms of delicacy and tasteful dishes served on the plates. In an attempt to satisfy the hunger, the dining tables of Odia people are always served with some extremely yummy Odia Veg foods, prepared keeping in view both the aspects of taste and health.

Odisha offers a variety of cuisines prepared in every household and also available in top hotels and restaurants. But some  delicious and authentic food items specially for the vegetarians listed below are of great taste and delegacy. After reading the post, we are sure you will have your tongue licking to taste all these. Don’t panic. We are also offering the recipes so that you can try these at home of your own. If you are a veg lover and want to discover some Khanti Odia dishes, please scroll through. This looks yummy. 

The tradition of food in Odisha is so ancient and out spreading that more than 50 number of dishes are offered to the beloved God, Lord Jagannath. Odisha, the state of rice fields, serves as an illustration of delicious cuisines. People around the globe are are locked down inside and are bored of being at homes. To deprive you all out of the stresses of lock down, we are sharing a list of Odia Veg Dishes those are a way authentic and full of taste. We bet, you will hardly find to taste dishes like the below mentioned in any part of the world. 

Chhena Poda (Cheese Cake) 

Cheena Poda (burnt cheese) is a traditional and awesome cake made of well-kneaded chhena or fresh cottage cheese, sugar and nuts.

The whole ingredients is mixed, turned into a dough like structure and baked for some hours till the aroma fills the air and it browns completely. 

Chhena Poda

The softened Chhena Poda, when comes out of the box serves your mouth with a cheesy experience. Every sweet lover’s choice and serves a perfect dessert, Chhena Poda is occassionally served at homes. People usually make or buy Chhena Poda on festivals or on some special days. If your tongue is slipping to grab a bite of sweetness, you must have a try once for sure.

Poda Pitha (Rice And Coconut Cake)

This is another type of cake, specially prepared in households on the occasion of Raja festival in Odisha. 

This is made by baking rice and other ingredients like black gram in a twist and turned manner. The burnt top with little spice of cardamom at each bite and that crunch of coconut and nuts makes the cake awesome and different. Poda Pitha serves as a favourite Odia Veg Food item for every age group.

Pakhala (Watered Rice) 

You think you hate eating boiled rice. So here is an idea for you, the idea which we name as Pakhala. 

People of Odisha usually love to eat rice. Green paddy fields of rice coukd be seen across each and every village of Odisha. Giving priority to the consumption of rice, Pakhala is one of such dishes prepared fully to counter the hotness and salivating the taste hormones of the tounge. 

Pakhala with Spiced Vegetables
Pakhala with Spiced Vegetables (courtesy Wikipedia)

This is  a very simple and authentic Odia dish which is prepared by adding some water to cooked rice and kept over night

The fermentation carried out results in Pakhala. The dish is also served to Lord Jagannath. 

Pakhala is usually served to beat the heat of summer. Best side dishes to enjoy a pot full of Pakhala are some pieces of fried fish or fried veggies. 

A pot full of Pakhala (colloquially called Pakhala Kansa), suroounded by a number of typical Odia dishes calls every Odia for a great meal. 

Chakuli Pitha ( A Chapati of Rice and Black Gram) 

One of the healthiest breakfast recipes, delivering you the taste of Rice and gram with crispiness, Chakuli pitha is an authentic Odia dish. 

This is a Dosa like flat pancake and can be tasted nicely with Potato curry or Sugar or tea. 

Chakuli Pitha

Dosa and Chakuli are different. Chakuli pitha tastes a thousand times better than Dosa. 

Ghanta Tarkari : Mixed Vegetable Curry

A mixture of various vegetables nicely cooked with spices and added flavours with chopped coconut pieces, Ghanta is purely traditional Odia dish. This dish is mostly served during festivals. The major festival in Odisha on which Ghanta is prepared in every household is the Ditiya Osha. This mixed vegetable type curry is best served with rice or roti. 

Badi Chura (Mixture of dried lentil) 

Pakhala and Badichura ! An heavenly combination! Only  the mixture of Sun dried lentil and grams serves an awesome part of the meal. 

It is easy to cook in minutes with the help of fried and crushed badis along with chopped chills, garlic and onion.

Badi Chura
Badi Chura (courtesy firsttimercook.com )

The aromatic smell of the garlic and onion along with crunch of the fried badis is therapeutic. You taste it once and you are sure to return to it again and again.

Dalma(Lentil Cooked With Vegetables Curry) 

Dalma – the mother of Dals!  True indeed. This popular Odia veg food item is also served as mahaprasad at lord Jagannath in Puri temple. 

Everyone’s favourite dish, Dalma, is both good to taste and nutrious to eat. A number of vegetables are cut, mixed with lentils and cooked inside a pressure cooker. 

After cooking in the pressure cooker, a spicy seasoning gives the dish a unique taste and color which is hard to resist. Dalma is mostly eaten with steam rice.

Tomato Khata (The Sweet and Tangy Chutney of Tomato) 

A major side dish, Khata is the most loved, most demanded Odia dish and is definitely served on every occasion. 

Khata can be made by mixing Tomato, Dates, Raw mango and many other ingredients cooked with some garlics, gingers and offers a sweet and sour flavour. 

Alu Potala Rasaa (Pointed Gourd And Potato Curry)

This spicy food is indeed finger licking.

Alu Potala Rasa is prepared by frying Alu (Potato)  and Potala (Gourd) mixing them into spices of ginger, garlic and cooking well. 

This dish is option serve with hot steam rice or chapati.

Dahibara Aloodam ( Curd Vada and Potato Curry) 

Another heavenly combination!  You might get to eat Dahi Vada anywhere in the country but we bet, bet for sure, no where in this world, you will get to taste the true taste of Dahi Bara aloodam except Odisha.  

Dahi Bara Alu Dam (courtesy
Dahi Bara Alu Dam (courtesy Odia Rasi)

The unique dish is prepared by putting hot Bada (bara in odia)  into Dahi (Curd). The curd is also mixed with water, mint leaves,  pudina and many spices. Aloodam is a curry prepared of pototo and spices which adds yummy taste to the dish. Garnished with coriander leaves, Seu and Onions, Dahibara Aludam is ready to be served.

Enjoy these mouth watering and easy to make veg dishes during this lockdown. Eat healthy and stay healthy. Try out these Odia Veg food items at your homes.

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