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Murga Mahadev Temple : A Combination of Beauty And Blessings

Odisha, the state of natural beauty is no less than a paradise. Apart from rushes of the cities, it also inherits pastoral idyll as a heritage. When you travel along the roads of Odisha, you notice green paddy fields alongsides. The tourism sector of Odisha is about to expand. Privileged yet concealed tourism sector of Odisha needs a revival. There are, a number of attractive tourist places, need to be revealed. Because the blessing of the nature has always filled the eastern state with lush greenery and picturesque environment. Also, a number of shrines and dieties bless the lusture of Odisha with great endeavour.

Murga Mahadev waterfall
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Devotees bathing
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Keonjhar or Kendujhar is one of the major districts of Odisha, where beauty combines with the holiness of the deities and temples.  The Murga Mahadev Temple is such a marvellous place. The place where the nature has engraved magnificent piece of beauty along with the shrine of an ancient temple. Tourists outstretch at this place to take blessings from the Lord and to enjoy the overwhelming beauty of the surrounding. A graceful waterfall also runs from the peak of a mountain, increasing the beauty of the place many times. Let’s discover everything about Murga Mahadev Temple where the blessing of the shrine and beauty of nature combine to offer the feeling of peace and tranquility. 

Location of The Temple

Murga Mahadev Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. People from all the communties worship the Shrine here. Keonjhar is a district of many religious places. The famous presiding Goddesses Maa Tarini also lives there. The Murga Mahadev temple is both a picnic spot and pilgrimage place. Amid green and calm environment, the moments spent here will definitely mesmerise your memory. 

The location of the temple is amidst the Nuamundi mines area under the Champua subdivision of Keonjhar district. The presence of the temple is at the foot of Thakurani Hills. The peripherial area surrounds perennial springs. The origin of the springs is the hill. The lush green forest covering the spot surely amazes the visitor. 

Temple gate
courtesy kendujhar.nic.in
Outside gate
Outside gate (courtesy royal_singhbhum, Instagram)

Also, along side the temple there is a waterfall. As per the shrine, the water fall is called as Murga Mahadev waterfall which attracts tourists in more numbers. 

Inside the temple, you can see the idol of Murga Mahadev. The temple is of old ancient type. Devotees come here for the blessings of the Lord. The view of the temple and its surroundings premises offer a glimpse of pleasure to the watcher’s mind. 

The Legend Behind The Temple

According to the folk tales, the temple was anciently built for the purpose of worshipping the tribal God Murugan (derived from Murga) Karthikeya but later the Hindu people also worshipped the deity Shiva (Mahadev) and hence the temple is named as Murga Mahadev Temple. 

Now-a-days, there is a tradition of combined worshipping Karthikeya and Shiva by the people of all communism. 

What are the special attractions?

  • Murga Mahadev Temple is one of the ancient shrine and offers a great dealing of architecture
  • The temple persists both tribal and brahminical worshipping system
  • A marvelous waterfall flowing near by increases the beauty to several times
  • The cold water of the waterfall makes it so special
  • Taking bath under the fall is both holy and fun filled 
  • There is also a temple of deity Durga on the top of the hill near the fall
  • It is one of the best spot for picnic during winter

How and When to plan a visit?

To visit with your family members would be a good option. To bath under the waterfall will amaze everyone. A companion of friends would also be a great idea. It would be full of fun if you arrange for a feast here.

The best time to visit this place is winter for a picnic. But if you enjoy the crowd and love to see more folks gathered , then the month of Shravana (rainy season)  and Karthika (after rain and before winter)  is more suitable. During the Mahashivaratri, most people visit here to attend the celebration.

Summer is also a best choice if you love to bath under a fall. The fun that bathing under an water fall gives can only be felt by the one who have enjoyed it. 

How To Reach?

The nearest railway station is at Keonjhargarj (7 km).  By road the temple is at 50 km away from Keonjhar town. The nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar. Bus services to Keonjhar is always on. 

Exploring Blessings and Beauty

If you search for The Murga Mahadev Temple on the web, you will get to see the amazing attractions. The water fall, the area surrounding the temple of the shrine, the greenery, all these arrest the visitor at a glance. That’s the speciality of the state. 

Often, people travel to more crowded and busy places. But a actual picnic spot should be calm and peaceful in nature. The presence of a water fall adds bonus. The Murga Mahadev of Keonjhar has everything to offer. So, next time you choose to go out for fun, try considering about The Murga Mahadev Temple, where the blessing and the beauty awaits the visitor. 

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