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Maa Jhadi Diye : A Quintessential Odia Bhajan

Jay Jagannath!  Ever since the creation of music in the world, it is obvious that it sings the name of the creator. As a child born on the earth first utters the word Maa, his creator, similarly the devotees often utter the name of their Gods with the help of Bhajans.  Listening to a Bhajan relaxes our mind filling it with peace and satisfaction. One of such melodious Odia Bhajans which is a evergreen popular among the listeners is a melodious devotional song Maa Jhadi Diye sung by Sonu Nigam. The initial  lines of the ever popular Odia Bhajan is : 

“Maa jhadi diye, jete deha dhuli, ajhata jhadai bapa,  gunia jhadai dahani sina, kalia jhhadai papa re, kalia jhhadai papa…

This song is a master piece sung by Sonu Nigam and is still one of the best to come up in the list of Bhajan listeners.

About the Bhajan

The sweet tone of Sonu Nigam defines in the song the care taken by Kalia (Lord Jagannath) of his devotees. It says as like a mother cares for her son, as like a father fulfils the demands of his son, like a Tantric escapes away a witch from a body with his chants,  in a similar way Kalia, the lord Jagannath releases humans off sin. The lyrics, composition and emotions of the Odia Bhajan are simply awesome. 

This ever popular Odia Bhajan sung by veteran Bollywood Singer Sonu Nigam is a deep hearted praise of Lord Jagannath. Ever melodious, with a deep saddened tune, this popular song still remains in the memory of every Odia. The lyrics of the song comprises the tellings how of Kalia (Lord Jagannath) removes all sins of humans. A devotee describes how one can be free of his sins by reaching the foots of the Lord. 

 Dedicated to Lord Jagannath ‘Maa Jhadi die ‘ shows an extraneous devote and affection of a devotee towards Lord Jagannath.  The magnificent penning of the song expresses complete dedication to God. 

Lyrics and Meaning


Mukhda of the song

” Maa Jhadi diye

jete deha dhuli

ajhata jhadai bapa, 

gunia jhadai dahani sina

Kalia Jhadai papa re 

kalia jhadai papa… “

These lines of the soulful Odia bhajan has a in depth meaning. 

A mother wipes off the dirts from the skin of her child after the child comes back playing in dust. 

A father controls and takes care of the stubbornness of his child. 

A Tantrik (Chant Performer), as believed by some rural people, rescues a person from a witch. 

The Lord of the Universe, dedicatedly known as Kalia, saves us from all the sins. 

Antara 1

“Jogi pherigale duara muhanru, 

bhogi ki lagai dosa… (2)

bhakata pherile ta singha duaru, kalia ku lage bisa, 

bisa jhadi diye, sapua kela re.

puja jhade abhisapa, 

gunia jhadai dahani sina,

kalia jhadai papa… “

The first antara of the popular bhajan depicts what is a sin and who are the sin bearers. 

Whenever a Jogi (one who lives a attachment free life, sanyasi) returns empty handed from the doors of a Bhogi (one who enjoys materialistic life), the sin is beared by the later. 

If a devotee returns back from the Singha Duara (The doors of Puri temple), it doesn’t feel good for Jagannath and the Lord feels sad. 

As a snake charmer can beat the poison induced by a snake, as worship can heal the curse, simillarly, Kalia can remove all sins and purify the soul of a person. 

Antara 2 

Saraga ku sidi

baisi pahacha

duare deichi deri… (2)

jete ichha kale

chadhi ke pariba,

na lagile tara dori, 

Se dori lagai

Hrudaya bedha re.. (2)

Jalile bhakati dipa, 

Gunia jhadai dahani sina

Kalia jhadai papare 

Kalia jhadai papa.. 

Baisi Pahacha (22 stairs) leads the way to the entrance of Jagannath’s temple. It is believed that if you climb the 22 stairs, you would go to the heaven after demise. This is because Kalia connects the human soul from the earth to the heaven through His blessings. 

The lyricist pens that it is not easy to find the path to heaven. Without His wills, it is impossible to reach near the Almighty. 

The rope to the Almighty from a devotee can only be connected through the purification of the soul and heart. This is only possible when a devotee lights the lamp of his devotion. 

Bhajan Details

The devotional evergreen odia bhajan “Maa Jhadi Diye.. ” was released under the Odia music album “Biswa Bidhata”. 

The song is sung by veteran bollywood singer Sonu Nigam. Sonu used to sing a number of Odia Bhajans at that time and was hugely famous. 

Manmath Mishra is the music director who is a tuneful composer. His compositions are always full of devotion. He has composed many music album and film songs. 

A great lyricist of that time, Alekh Biswal, is best known to have penned down hundreds of songs. It is hard to find such a heart winning lyricist nowadays. Every song of his is unique and fabulous. 

The song is labeled under Sidharth Music, the producer of which is Sitaram Agarwal. 

The song is picturised by video director Bharati Krushna. 

Blessings of Jagannath

A pure soul and a selfless attribute, differentiates humans. The daily busy schedules of today’s lifestyle is changing the meaning of humanity. Keeping in heart love and faith for the Almighty saves us from all sins. 

To keep ourselves calm, it is necessary to indulge ourselfs in devotion. 

Attaining peace of mind comes from spiritual possessions. Praising God through Bhajans is one of the ways to be connected with the Super Soul. 

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