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K. Sivan ISRO Chief

ISRO Chief to Attend IIT Bhubaneshwar Convocation

ISRO Chairman K. Sivan is scheduled to attend the 8th convocation ceremony of IIT Bhubaneshwar at Argul which is to be held on 21st September 2019. He is going to attend as the Chief Guest and will deliver the Convocation Address to the upcoming graduates of this year.

It was under his leadership that the Chandrayaan 2 project was launched in July 22, 2019 and as many news sites have already reported, he broke down in tears when contact was lost from the Vikram lander after separating from the Chandrayaan 2 orbiter. Many of us could see him being consoled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He had risen to the post of chairman of ISRO only a year and a half ago in January 2018.

K. Sivan has had an illustrious career with the Indian Space Programme. He joined the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center in 1982 and was instrumental in reviving the GSLV project after back-to-back failures. He lead the flight test progamme of the SCRAMJET engine held in August 2016 and the technology demonstration flight of the Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV-TD) in May the same year.

The Gaganyaan Programme to send an Indian astronaut into space using an Indian made launch vehicle was also approved under his leadership. This has lead to the establishment of the Human Spaceflight center at Bangalore.

Fun fact: one of the astronauts (vyomanauts where vyoma stands for space) who passed the phase 1 selection for the Gaganyaan project, Wing Commander Nikhil Rath is a Bolangir resident.

We at the Odisha Lifestyle Blog commend him for his service and hope that he keeps reaching new heights, despite recent setbacks. We also congratulate the upcoming graduates of this year’s batch from IIT Bhubaneshwar and wish them the very best.

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