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How to Quarantine Yourself during this Coronavirus Outbreak?

COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire all over the globe so the question now comes, how do you protect yourself from it? The answer is simple: self-quarantine. This will reduce the risk of the disease getting to you if you are not infected and will protect others if you are infected.

However, the question now becomes, what is self-quarantine and how to do it? In this post, we’ll try to answer some of the questions that are in your mind regarding this procedure.

What is Self-Quarantine?

When you isolate yourself from any form social contact, then it’s called a self-quarantine. That means no going outside for any reason whatsoever. That means no commute to the office, no bus rides to school or even the grocery store to pick up household items.

Luckily for us the virus cannot survive in open air and is spread via droplet infection. So you can ease up on the paranoia, just keep away from mass gatherings and don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands. And of course do not forget to wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

I Cannot Self-Quarantine! I Have to Work!

There is no easy way out of this one. Request the management to work from home. Today, most of the work done in the office can be done at home as well. Most big companies already have the infrastructure set up for VPNs and meetings can be done via telepresence.

Many companies have already started shuttering offices and sending their office workers home to work remotely. Those who have not are under pressure to do so.

Essential services on the other hand will probably not get the permission to work from home. Doctors, nurses, police, ambulance services, firefighters etc. will remain hands on and that is not going to change.

What About Schools?

Thankfully COVID-19 is not dangerous to children. However, they can act as carriers of the virus and infect family members, some of who may be susceptible. So, you need to keep the children at home. Notify the school that you are doing so, even if the schools remain open.

Many of the schools have begun closing down due to the risk. Since this is exam season, schools will begin closing down anyway, so the danger is lessened. Just teach the children the safety procedures and make sure they follow them.

How to do Grocery Shopping?

Quarantine means there will be panic in the markets. Don’t try to buy up large supplies of antiseptic, soap, masks etc. You will probably not be able to do that anyway. Online shopping is your friend in this matter. There are many services that can help you with your daily shopping if you live in the metros.

For those living in smaller cities and towns, arrange with your local shopkeeper to take orders over the phone and accept digital payments. Home delivery is the answer to the question here.

This will reduce your exposure to large crowds and therefore, reduce the risk of disease spreading.


Coronavirus can be contained, but not without the participation of the public. Please help us and yourself spread the information around so that we can keep coronavirus from destroying our way of living.

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