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Cuttack: The City of History and Heritage


Cuttack, also known as the Silver City is one of the oldest city of Odisha. It rests proudly on the fertile delta formed by Mahanadi and Katha Jodi rivers. The city is famous for its  magnificent Silver Filigree works and great architectural significance. Also it is around one thousand years old. Although Cuttack comes under municipality area, but it has a greenish village sight and brotherhood tradition that made it unique. 


The Silver City stands in pride in between two important rivers The Mahanadi and The Kathajodi. The historical evidences tell that the city was previously named as Abhinav Varanasi (meaning a new type of Varanasi) due to its resemblances with original city of Varanasi. 

The word Cuttack or Katak standa for because of its relation with the military cantonment. Even today, the cantonment road of Cuttack recalls its old history when it was used as the staying place of military persons. In the remote past, Cuttack was connected both by land routes and waterways with the renowned medieval ports like Chelitalo, Palur and Tarmalipti.

Old anicut at Jobra (courtesy History of Odisha, Twitter)

Cuttack served as the seat of government in Odisha for close to a thousand years before its burgeoning size forced the creation of a new capital at Bhubaneswar in 1948.

What Are The Attractions of Cuttack? 

Barabati Fort

 A 14th century fort built by the Ganga Dynasty is now in the state of ruined remain  but still sings  the glory of Cuttack City.  Located next to the modern barabati stadium,  this fort attracts  tourists  from every corner.  The fort was built  in such a way that the beauty of the modern Cuttack city can be viewed from the place. 

During the famous Baliyatra festival of Cuttack,  the fort serves as an entry point for the visitors. Being a precious historical tourist spot in Cuttack,  it is located at a distance of 5 kilometre from the Cuttack railway station.

South East Corner view of the Elephant stables
South East Corner view of the Elephant stables, Barabati Fort (courtesy Wikipedia)

Barabati Fort of Cuttack carries its own significance. From historical aspects it has its own heritage. Once it was used as a protection gate way from the outsiders. Many Kings of Odisha used this fort to protect themselves from the enemy. 

Nowadays, it serves as one of the attractive visiting place of Odisha. 

Cuttack Chandi Temple

 It is one of the Ancient temples of Cuttack where goddess Maa Chandi is worshipped.  She is the presiding deity of Odisha.  It is situated near the river Mahanadi.  The people of Cuttack worship Maa Chandi as the Living Goddess.  Visitors from outside Cuttack also come in a  large number to worship and take blessings from Maa Chandi. 

Anshupa Lake

Even if Cuttack is full of townships and urban areas,  but there is also a green, mesmerizing, picturesque beauty of the City that shows the panoramic view.  One of the fresh water lakes situated amidst the Saranda hills and is surrounded by the green bamboo and mango trees. The shape of the lake is that of a horse shoe and is located on the left bank of Mahanadi river. It is 40 km away from the city of Cuttack. There is also facilities for Boating and Fishing for the tourists. 

Odisha State Maritime Museum

The City of Cuttack once a prominent place for sea trading and voyages during the ancient times preserves its historic heritage through this amazing museum. Being located in front of the Mahanadi river at the famous Jobra Anicut of Cuttack, the museum serves as a witness of royal traditions and commercial aspects of Odisha. Inside the museum, one can see about the boat and ship voyage and trading of different goods during the ancient times. All the documents are reserved showcasing the extremity of water ways and traditions of ancient people. 

Dhabaleswar Temple

The famous temple of Lord Mahadev is situated in an Island on the bank of Mahanadi River. It is one of the most religious and sacred temples of Odisha.  Devotees in large numbers reach here during Mahashivratri.  

Dhabaleshwar Mahadev
Dhabaleshwar Mahadev

This place has a hanging bridge which is claimed as the longest hanging bridge in India.  The temple is surrounded by river, trees and peaceful atmosphere. Apart from the religious view point it is also an awesome place for Boating, picnicking and taking selfies. 

Barabati Stadium

The one and only stadium in Odisha where interanatjonal cricket matches are arranged, The Barabati stadium is one of the pride locations of Cuttack. It has witnessed a number of cricket matches since history. The crowd whenever a cricket match happens says it all. 

People often spend their times near the stadium. Outsiders when passing by take a glimpse of the high standing heritage of Odisha. 

Except the above, there are a lot of things to see in Cuttack like The Odisha High Court, Netaji Museum, Jobra Barrage, Naraj Dam, Sidheswar Temple and many more.  


Cuttack is a big topic to explore in just one post. In the coming days we will go in depth on the history and traditions of this ancient city. We will go into the common tourists posts as well as places that are known only to locals. Wish us luck.

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