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Coir Crafts: Blessing Odisha Since Ages

Coir is an absolutely regular and eco-friendly fiber expelled from the nuts of coconut palms. This common marvel is accessible in abundance. A characteristic item, coir being decomposable, climate confirmation makes it a top notch item from an inexhaustible source.

The coconut palm has been lauded as ‘Kalpvriksha’ in the works of art of India. The utilization of coconut all through India makes it an image of national solidarity. Woven heavenliness is the thing that you find in a coir item. Coir or coconut fiber is utilized aesthetically to make a wide scope of eco- friendly toys, tapestries, key rings, Christmas hangings, pen stands and other home items. Coir items are 100% characteristic. This art is interesting as it is delivered uniquely in Odisha, to be precise in Raghurajpur, Puri and some parts of Cuttack.

Advantages Over Other Handicrafts

Coir fiber has tremendous benefits that make it a hit item among other souvenirs.

  • The coir fiber is moth and termite resistant, making it durable for ages.
  • Since it is resistant to decay, cleaning the fiber is an easy task.
  • The fiber is temperature and sound insulated.
  • Because of its static nature, it doesn’t catch fire easily.
  • The fiber can withstand variations in moisture and dampness.
Different Types of Coir
Different Types of Coir (courtesy Wikipedia)

Beforehand crude coir fiber was isolated with manually and the cost of crude material was high. Be that as it may, presently they have mechanical procedure of removing/isolating the coir which is easily accessible. Without hampering the age old traditions, neither chemical dyes nor colored coir as used as substrate. In compliance with that colored strings or wools are taken into consideration.

Market Scenario

The present day market scenario is tough. Increasing rivalry form foreign markets has imposed various problems for the local markets. Presently the business is expanding from local markets to global markets in view of alluring plans and sensible costs. Prior this specialty was just utilized for local purposes, for example, mats for self-use, ropes and so on. In any case, presently this region has been making rounds in global market.

There are numerous artisans working for the specialty business however numerous families in Raghurajpur are effectively satisfying their regular needs by offering the artworks to client.

Senior artist inspects coir products
Senior artist inspects coir products (courtesy DSource)

The general public conveys ladies and young ladies of the town with work alongside instruction. The ladies of the town can either work in the space accommodated work or can take the work home. Subsequently they finish a recommended measure of work and are paid likewise. The skilled workers are content with their financial status. They are getting orders from in and around Odisha. On the international front, they export orders to different nations like Japan and the USA. Because of timely preparation and delivery services, the coir items can keep pace with their sudden rise in foreign orders.

Coir Crafts Making Process

  • The coir fiber is first sifted through and isolated based on their shading. The rough sketch is first mage on a paper for making a toy.
  • Then the artisans make adjustments varying to the proportions of the toy to be designed.
  • For little items, the coir is basically attached with the string to make the desired items. When the item is very little for example, a leaf then cardboard is cut into that shape and afterward coir is tied on it with string and fevicol.
  • A bigger item is worked out in various parts. Various parts are made by various individuals and afterward all the parts are combined along with the assistance of string, needle and fevicol.
  • Colored wool is utilized for surface ornamentation like for eyes, garments and so on relying upon the plan. Utilization of shading wool upgrades the appearance of the toy. For better appearance, wooden globules and metal chimes are additionally utilized.
  • After the finishing of the toy or item, it is dunked into weakened glue. This is done, with the goal that the string hardens up and doesn’t open up. Glue arrangement gives better strength and dependability to the item or toy. The end product may take two days to a half year to finish
Coir Horse
Coir Horse (courtesy DSource)


Coir products have emerged as an eco-friendly and long term substitute to plastic and synthetic fiber products. This art has given livelihood to thousands of people along coastal Odisha and will hopefully employ a whole lot more people in the coming years.

Sadly 2019’s cyclone Fani had a devastating effect on the coir industry. Coconut farms were denuded of leaves and a lot of unfinished product was destroyed in the rains and flood. Even a year later, the artists have barely recovered.

Promote this native art of old Odisha and try to buy local instead of cheaper products from outside Odisha. Our artists deserve that much at least.

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