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Bijay Mohanty : The Phenomenal Actor of Ollywood

Most film stars are offered to portray diverse characters in different movies, particularly in the state of Odisha, where the number of good actors is reasonably less. But the audience is not always satisfied by the transformation of characters undergone by an actor. Suppose an actor playing the character of the main lead (hero) in most films, chooses to act in a negative character (a villain),  there is very less chance that both these characters are greatly appreciated by the audience, unless the actor is Bijay Mohanty.

Bijay Mohanty 02
Bijay Mohanty, top row, fourth from left(courtesy MyCityLinks)

A prominent lead actor of the Odia film industry “Ollywood”  in the 90s, Bijay Mohanty entirely changed the scene of Ollywood Movie Industry by splendidly portraying each and every character offered to him. 

The national award winning film actor, has showcased his ever crazing acting talent in Odia movies, dramas, tv serials and music videos. Let’s throw some light in deep about the favourite Odia Actor of all time, Bijay Mohanty. 


Bijay Mohanty was born on 8 April 1950 at Pandiri in the Kendrapara district of Odisha. His childhood was mostly spent in Baripada, Mayurbhanj. He has completed his schooling from MKC High School. Bijay used to act in school dramas and functions. His acting skills were nourished from his childhood days. 

After schooling, Bijay completed his BA graduation. Then he got admitted into NSD (National School of Drama)  to learn the ABC of acting. He won the National Film Awards.

From left, Rajesh Khanna, Hari Pattanaik, Uttam Mohanty and Bijay Mohanty (courtesy MyCityLinks)

Other notable actors who remained his batch mates at NSD were Naseeruddin Shah, Raj Babbar, Om Puri. All of these have attained measurable heights in their film careers so as Bijay Mohanty. 

Early Life

To build up a career in the film industry,  Bijay started acting in theatres and stayed in  Delhi up to 1975. 

When he returned to Odisha, he started directing in some plays. 

Married Life 

Bijay tied his knot with the ever beautiful actress of Odisha, Tandra Ray. The star couple has come up in many ollywood movies opposite to each other. Namely, Manika and Sakhi Rahila E Singha Duara are two of those. They have one daughter named Jasmine Mohanty.

Debut Movie 

Bijay Mohanty entered into Odia movies In 1977, with the popular Odia Movie Chilika Teere. The movie, based on the community life style of the coastal area people of Chilika, bagged the National Award in 1977. 

Bijay Mohanty opened up his acting career with back to back movies like Naga Phasa, Samay Bada Balaban, Danda Balunga, Sahari Bagha, Chaka Bhaunri and Chaka Akhi Sabu Dekhuchi in which he was choosen to play negative role. 

With kin interest and great potential in acting,  with his superb humorous dialogue delivery,  Bijay Mohanty was soon able to capture the audience and worked in all kinds of characters. 

Soon he acted in a wide ranging career portraying the characters of hero, villain, comedian, character roles and all. 

Except Mihir Das, no one has the same level of comparison with that of Bijay Mohanty,  to leave an impression of such high level by portraying each and every type of character. 


Jaga Hatare Pagha
Jaga Hatare Pagha (1985)

Some notable movies of Bijay Mohanty are :

Arati (1981), Mamata Mage Mula (1985), Aei Aama Sansara (1986), Aama Ghara Aama Sansara (1991), Ki Heba Sua Posile, Bhisma Pratigya (1993), Bhai Hela Bhagari (1994), Suna Panjuri, Laxman Rekha, Rakhi Bhijigala Akhi Luhare and I Love My India.

All these movies gathered huge positive response from the audience. Ki Heba Sua Posile is one of the milestone in Bijay’s career. In the way he portrayed the character of a father in that movie, is never match able and no one can beat that for sure. 

Other Feats of Bijay Mohanty 

Bijay directed one movie named Bhuli Huena .

Bijay joined as a professor in the Drama department of the Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya in 1977 and retired recently. 

Jugechha, a drama troupe that he formed in his native place Baripada was a well-known troupe and staged play in different parts of Orissa as well as the country.

Asara Aloka, Sri Jagannath, Subhadra, Sara Akasa, Samaya Chaka, Sakalara Apekhya Re, Nadekhila Loka Dekha, Mahayagyan and Bidhatara Khela , all these are the name of popular tv shows aired on Doordarshan in which Bijay Mohanty had played some prominent roles. 

Political Career 

Bijay Mohanty
courtesy Wikipedia

Bijay Mohanty followed the trend of Politics and joined Indian National Congress on 27 February 2014. He also contested the general elections. But due to less popularity as a politician,  he was defeated in the 2014 election and declared his resignation closing his political chapter temporarily. 

Awards and Honours 

Bijay Mohanty was honoured with National Award for his contribution to art and literature.

 He bagged the State Film Awards six times.  His extraordinary performances in the following movies earned him the adorns. 

The list includes :

Arati (1981), Mamata Mage Mula (1985), Ei Aam Sansara (1986), Aam Ghara Aam Sansara (1991), Bhisma Pratijna (1993) and Bhai Hela Bhagari (1994).

 Bijay also bagged the Orissa Cine Critics Award in 1987 for “Best Actor of the Decade”.

Bijay Mohanty also received the Jayadev Award for lifetime achievement which is a special award conferred on a film personality for outstanding contribution to the Odia film industry. 

Recent News

The most popular actor of Ollywood had a deteriorated health condition recently. 

He was staying with his daughter in Hyderabad for the past few years. He was struggling with diabetes for about 3-4 months. A minor surgery treated him well. Every fan wished him of a speedy recovery. People of Odisha prayed for him as he is a very kind and lovely human being. 

In May of this year, amidst the lockdown, the venerable actor was hospitalized due to a heart attack. He has since recovered.

The versatile, the iconic Bijay enthralls the audience with his captive acting skills. Whenever and whatever character may have given to him, he always performed justifying it. The Odia Cine industry was in a high mood during his times. His dialogue delivery, comedy with sense of humor keeps him atop the the Ollywood film industry even today. 

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