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Bewitching Sea Beaches in Odisha

Odisha the state of great heritage and culture, where the green paddy fields speak of the pastoral idyll is full of natural beauty . The landscape of Odisha has always been able to win the heart of everybody. This Eastern state of India shares about a coastal length of of 450 kilometre and lies along the Bay of Bengal.

The most important part of sea life in Odisha is the beaches and fishing activities. Odisha has its own recognition of sea beaches that offer a perfect charm and an exotic feel of the setting sun. What makes the beaches of Odisha so special are its blue coloured water , the crystalline blue sky, a neat and clean beachy surface, silver coloured sand where the observer gets every element to enjoy the prolific beauty of  the sea.

In quest of  driving the summer off, the sea beaches in Odisha turns out to be magical. A bit of relaxation is quite useful for a healthy mind and body. The uprising water waves of the ocean chills the not only the tourist’s body but also his/her conscience. Nature has left no stone unturned to offer us across and along the crystalline silvery sea beaches. In this article we will be discussing about the most attractive sea beaches in Odisha. These sea beaches practically arrest the visitor with their sight to behold scenery plus very quiet and calm environment. 

Puri Sea Beach : Populated but cheerful 

Puri, the town of Lord Jagannath has its own story to tell once you visit its sea beach which is the most famous beach destination in Odisha. This is a place which has the combined tranquility of a serene beach and the sacred Jagannath Temple. People often visit Puri sea beach during the the summer but it always encounters huge rush as a famous beach of the state. Once you visit the Puri sea beach, you will never turn your mind to come back from the beach. The view offers great pleasure to the mind where as the body feels a glimpse of coolness throughout.

Puri Beach Promenade
Puri Beach Promenade (courtesy Wikimedia)

One of the busiest beaches of Odisha, Puri sea beach is neat and clean and many shops of handcrafted items are open to purchase numerous decorating items and stationery items on the sea shore. In November every year, a festival is organised at the sea beach known as Puri Beach Festival which gathers lakhs of tourists from all over the world.

It is believed that to take a holy dip in the waters of Bay of Bengal at Puri sea beach is very sacred and religious. People usually take a bath at Puri sea beach with lots of fun of swimming and even boat riding and then go to see the Lord Jagannath. This additional advantage of blessings from Lord Jagannath pulls a number of devotees to Puri. The sea beach is open to all till evening. On some special occasions, it is made open for whole night. The biggest car festival of the world, the Ratha Yatra brings numerous tourists to this place where the night becomes colourful near the sea coast. 

If the summer is hitting you hard and you want to spend some quality time by the sea, just visit Puri sea beach once. 

Konark Sea Beach : Another Piece for Peace

World famous for the Konark Temple, Odisha also has a beach near the Konark Temple situated just at 3km from the temple. This is the most visited beach in Odisha after the Puri sea beach. The crystal fine sand and the dazzling waters of the place make the beach drenched in serenity. Sitting at the sea shore you can hear the waves sounding like echoing lions and the calm and clear waters is what makes the beach look even more beautiful.

Konark Marine Drive seen through a drine
Konark Marine Drive by Ankeet Panda (courtesy Odisha Tourism)

People often visit Konark Sun Temple but they never forget to spend some quality time at Konark sea beach. The magnetic attraction of this place keeps tourists and visitors busy in spending some quality times with their friends and families. People sit down and relax. Some paint their canvases amidst the picturesque beauty of nature near the beach. 

Aryapalli Beach : Less known but best known 

A quiet and calm beach, far from crowd and rush, Aryapali Beach is located near the town of Chatrapur, Brahmapur. The beach provides an awesome view of the blue waters. The shining sand of the beach clears a way for the tourists to enjoy bit of their time in peace and calmness. A project near by, called the Sand Mineral Project, is the center of attraction of the beach. The sea beach surrounded by a lot of tress and plants make the place even more serinic and joyful. It is one of the best sea beaches to click some natural background covered stills and selfies.

This beach can be reached by travelling only 30 km from Berhampur. One may get to see the beach is surrounded by casuarina plantations and crystal-clear blue waters. The most pleasant durations to spend near the beach are morning and evening. The sunset is even more colourful and wonderful as the sun offers a glimpse of its natural beauty over the sea. 

The area near the beach has a number of resorts and sea-facing hotels that are equipped with all amenities. The ideal time to go to Aryapalli is between the months of October and June, when the weather is at its best.

Chandipur Beach : Quiet and Enchanting

One of the cleanest sea beaches of Odisha is the Chandipur Beach which attracts tourists to enjoy the hide and seek nature of the sea waters. With the magical waves coming towards you and disappearing in a moment, makes the entire day spent at the beach wholesome. If you are ready to witness such an unimaginable and happy experience, just come to Chandipur beach in Balasore. 

Chandipur Beach Fest
Chandipur Beach Fest (courtesy The Telegraph)

The place is so calm and peaceful that the visitor gets mesmerised after a visit. The beach experiences the rare phenomenon of ebb and flow of the Bay of Bengal waters for up to 5 km. The gushed flow of the tides cause you to desire ocean forming and retrieving at your feet right ahead of the eyes and therefore the coastline looks like an illusion. Add yourselves into such a divinity of nature is something that some rare yet enchanting places can offer.

Ramchandi Beach : Prolific and Enjoyable 

Near the footstep of Mother Goddess Ramachandi, lies the Ramchandi beach and becomes a prominent sea beach for the tourists. Being a religious place, the beach draws as many as devotees towards it for enjoying the fun at the beach with the blessings of Maa Ramachandi. The beach is situated just at 7 km away from Konark.

The surrounding of the beach is calm with clear water and crystal sand particles underneath. The sunset is divine and a scene of beauty to watch out for. This divine place with serenity is often chosen by people for a short tour or picnic. Coming together with family and friends, a great feast near the sea beach offers pleasant feelings. With cold breeze coming from the sea side makes the environment enchanting.

A river flows near by the temple of Maa Ramachandi and therefore the beach has been built from the confluence of the river and the Bay of Bengal. To enjoy a perfect beach-moment, camp with your friends and family at Ramachandi Sea beach and take a look of the untamed beauty of the nature. Enjoy amidst the calm seashore and enthral yourself with the exciting sea surfing at this mind-blowing coast.

Gopalpur Beach : Surfed and Sailed

Best known for sailing and fishing, the sea beach of Gopalpur is a sailor’s paradise. The serene quiet beach with the remnants of the pillars of an old jetty and a port, this beach is secluded and has calm surroundings. The beach is safe for both surfing and sailing because of its smooth sands that unify with the deep blue waters of the Bay of Bengal effortlessly. With coconut trees lined up along the beach, the beach provides a striking view of the horizon. Also one can see the fishermen involved in their daily activities with their nets packed with fresh sea-food.

Gopalpur Lighthouse
Gopalpur Beach Lighthouse

One of the famous coastline in Odisha, Gopalpur Beach is best known for both sailing and surfing. Nested amidst the placid fantastic thing about nature, this place is more appealing than the other beaches in India. Being one of the least discovered tourist spots in India, this place is calling people to discover nature in its untouched form.

Pati Sonapur Beach : A Destination for Peace

If you are looking for a peaceful place to get back your calm and spend some blissful times, Sonapur beach is where you should head to! Whether or not you are in a mood to be alone, Pati Sonapur Beach is a place that will definitely ride you through a different world and refresh your body, mind and soul.

The virgin beach of Orissa, Pati Sonapur could be a delightful beach. The untouched and unexplored beach is raw temptation to the beach lovers. The beach lies at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal with the Bahuda River. The backwaters here separate the main land of Sonepur from the sea. This beach is solace for people who want to spend some lone time or with their ‘someone special’.

Paradeep Beach : Sail with Nature

One of the famous ports of India, Paradeep is home to national and international trading over the sea. This unique sea beach owes its position at the meeting point of River Mahanadi and Bay of Bengal. The beach here is an important port of Orissa which lies on an estuary of the Mahanadi, Paradeep. The blue water, the bleaching sand and the serene nature of the beach makes it a scene of extreme beauty. 

The place is enchanting with blue waters soothing your eyes, soft sands trickling your feet and sun rays kissing your cheeks. A perfect sea beach for enjoying your weekend and vacations with your family witnessing the trade system and a sea voyage experience. 

Astaranga Beach : Colours Define Serenity

Literally, the word Astaranga means ‘The Colour of the Sun while Setting’. Indeed, the name is matchable with its meaning as the beach offers to the sight of the viewer a perfect shade of the colours of the setting sun, a mix of yellow, orange and red. The painting by the nature leaves the visitor stunned and astonished. Enjoying your vacations at this extremely beautiful sea beach is jot less than being in heaven. The long sea beach offers you to walk around, have some fun and to take selfies, pictures and videos. The deep blue water of the sea with shiny sand grains is what else attracts the tourists. 

Rushikulya Beach : Snap Prolific 

Rushikulya, as the name suggests is one of the ancient sea beaches of Odisha. The serenity of the place definitely throws you a light of mental and spiritual peace. A beautiful destination to explore with a sandy sea shore and scenic beauty all around is no less than a paradise. You can sit here for a long period of time enjoying the thronging blue water and the picturesque view of the setting sun feeling a mesmerising thrust of nature.

Olive Ridley Turtles Hatched on Rushikulya Beach
Olive Ridley Turtles Hatched on Rushikulya Beach (courtesy Scroll.in)

It is a joyful delight for all the photographers and beach lovers as it leaves you with a blissful experience of one of the best sunsets you could ever sip your coffee with.


Uncovering the beauty of nature is human tendency. We are always busy in our work life. Seldom, we find time for our pleasure. Once we seat amidst the lap of nature, we are able to feed ourselves with immense pleasure and satisfaction. These above mentioned beaches work magical for this purpose. To cool your mind and keep a healthy consent, travel to these sea beaches and have a enjoyable spare time with your near and dear ones. 

Editor’s note: Sadly due to the ongoing crisis of COVID-19 all these beaches are closed to the public.

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